Understand The Material Of The Bed Frame

- Aug 14, 2017-

Type 01 wood: imported bed often used walnut, cherry and other wood, which walnut and cherry wood pattern changes are more, and beech tough wear, resistance j hit, flexible. As for the other wood, such as mahogany, with peculiar characteristics: teak stability and durability; pine many of the eye, the material is soft, will emit a touch of fragrance; oak texture hard, grain larger.

Type 02 Metal: steel, copper, aluminum, etc., steel and copper products are quite modern bed, forging the bed surface, although not as good as steel, copper smooth, but the old texture is to create a simple feeling.

Type 03 rattan, paper fiber: rattan and paper made of bed, due to material and weaving method is different, there is another casual taste.

Decoration doubts

Q: Do you want to buy a bed frame or a mattress when you buy a bed?

A: To synchronize the selection. Procurement, the size of the two, the height will affect each other, more importantly, the bed frame material will also affect the feeling of mattress lying down. Mattresses and bed frames add up to 50 to 60 cm, slightly higher than the knee height of the best to reduce the user to stand up to the knee when the pressure.

Q: What is the difference between the skeleton and the bed?

A: The bone frame is composed of a root cross-board, easy to dismantle the assembly, permeability is also better. If you want to be able to add the storage function (such as a lift bed or drawer) underneath the bed, you can use the traditional bed frame with the whole face.