Three Reason WHY You Should Choosé Eco-Friendly Commercial Hotel Furniture

- Sep 27, 2017-

Three reasons WHY You Should Choosé Eco-Friendly commercial hotel Furniture

1. Produces Less Waste and is way better for the Environment

Not merely does eco-friendly commercial hotel furniture mean more jobs, but it additionally means less waste for the environment. Just as “fast-style” transformed the retail market by providing disposable clothes at a heavily low price, the furniture sector has followed suit. A lot of today’s major hotel furniture manufacturers provide poorly constructed hotel furniture at a lower cost, anticipating that their buyers will have to replenish furniture regularly.

Far from getting sustainable, this technique produces products that usually do not last lots of seasons and finish up in a landfill if they don’t. Thé EPA estimates thát 9.8 million a great deal of furniture waste maké it to Landfills each year-thát’s waste that may take decades in the event that not centuries tó biodegrade, and millions in the event that not vast amounts of dollars to replace inside our hotels, student casing, and senior living facilities.

The only method to cómbat this trénd is to create furniture similar to the craftsman era. By giving quality furniture designed and created to be passed down for generations, JANUAR Home furniture guarantees that your hospitality home furniture won’t have to be replaced, even with substantial deterioration. We even provide a 10-year guarantee to prove it.

2. Is More healthy for Your Residents

For a long period, the furnituré industry tóok its queue fróm the style industry: coating wooden furniture items such as for example beds, tables, nightstands, and bookcases with flame-retardant chemicals now recognized to cause cancer, fertility complications, and neurological defects. Daily contact with these hazardous furniture items led to higher than normal degrees of carcinogens in thé residents who possessed them. For this good reason, it’s important to think about what finishes are applied to your commercial furniture.

January Furniture uses just LEED-applicable stains and finishes. This means that our furniture is made based on the eco-friendly requirements established by LEED-and they don't emit hazardous chemicals to their surrounding environments. Because of this, make sure to use eco-friendly commercial furniture to supply a safe and healthful environment for your residents.

3. Is Good for Business

Whether you will need furniture for hospitality, college student housing, or senior living services, eco-friendly commercial furniture isn't just good for résidents; it’s best for business. By buying quality, durable furniture that's guaranteed to last for many years, you’ll decrease your maintenance costs, reduce your annual replenishment costs, and offer a safe and healthful environment your residents would want to return to.

January Furniture provides hospitality home furniture for Marriott, Hilton, Ideal Western, Wyndham, ánd BHG hotels and also many student casing and senior living services nationwide. To find out more about how you may use eco-friendly commercial home furniture for your ventures, make sure you email us. We’d love to let you know more.

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