The Luggage Rack Combines Both Aesthetic And Practical Functions

- Aug 14, 2017-

Luggage rack both aesthetic and practical features, both can make the shape cooler, you can also come in a great use when you travel. It can carry the luggage compartment cannot let things, such as bulky luggage, bicycles, folding bed and so on. As long as the owner of the goods fixed in place, especially in the goods on the installation of luggage rope net, you can carry more things.

According to the size and characteristics of the size of the people to the luggage racks named single luggage racks, double luggage racks, Australian luggage racks, luxury luggage racks, and some only sub-professional luggage racks and general luggage racks. If you install from the points, you can be divided into simple luggage racks and modular luggage racks. Some cars have been installed at the factory luggage rack. If you do not like, you can put your favorite luggage rack. Some cars are not equipped with luggage rack, but in the roof for the owner of the late installment luggage rack reserved position. Owners just look at the roof is not reserved for the installation of seats and bearing support position, generally have been equipped with the above set of screws. Luggage rack leak-proof, rust-proof work is more complex, for those who do not have the location of the installation of the car, the owner is best not to install their own, so as not to affect the late use of vehicles, and the safety of the luggage rack That kind of good

Second, select the appropriate horizontal stent.

If you want to put a bike or a car trunk on it, it is not enough to justify the need for a horizontal stand. In the arch-type vertical rails on the installation of horizontal bracket need to measure the distance before and after the installation for the bike frame, then the bracket in accordance with the instructions of the method can be fixed on the longitudinal rail. Here to remind everyone that some of the brand luggage racks are not anti-theft measures, so you understand.

The mounting rails are similar to those of the arch rails. They are bolted to fasten the buckle on the longitudinal rail, but the buckle structure is different due to the different longitudinal structure. Select the correct type to choose when you choose, you can view the installation instructions of the bracket. Generally relatively simple and convenient.

The card slot longitudinal rail mounting bracket than the above two longitudinal rails are relatively complex, need to install a set of snap base, in the operation more cumbersome, it is recommended by the professionals to install.

After installing the horizontal stand, if you want to put a bike up, but also to buy a bicycle bracket. Similarly, and horizontal support, are to rely on the front and rear screws. See the brochure in detail

Due to the many types of roof luggage support, not here one by one. The key is to choose the right vertical and horizontal stent, the other is easier. On the other rear door luggage rack, today is not introduced, the next opportunity to do a detailed description.