Sofa Bed Frame Size Introduction

- Aug 14, 2017-

Single bed size

Ordinary size: 90cm * 190cm, is the most common size, the general supermarkets have to sell and very cheap.

Increased size: 105cm * 190cm, the recent popular size, the general supermarkets are in the sale and very cheap.

Special size: 120cm * 190cm, to be customized or imported have the opportunity to see, usually choose this size will be directly to buy a double bed, and the difference between the two only 30cm.

Double bed size

Standard size: 150cm * 200cm, is the most common size, the general supermarkets have to sell.

Double size, referred to as Queen Size: 180cm * 200cm, the recent popular size, general furniture stores have.

Large size, referred to King Size: 195cm * 215cm, is a special size, to be customized or imported, the general manufacturing of relatively small.

Bed frame will change because of the size of the mattress, but also because the shape and function will be a little increase in size (according to mattress plus 2 ~ 5cm), so the size of the mattress to do the distinction.

Sofa bed frame can also be called a sofa bed, is a multi-purpose furniture. Modern furnishings advocate simple, multi-functional furniture more and more popular welcome, sofa bed frame is one of them.

In a small apartment room, in order to meet the occasional visitor needs, a sofa bed frame is necessary. Normally, the sofa bed frame can be placed in the living room or study, acting as a sofa function. Guests coming in the evening, start the sofa bed frame, covered with bedding is a bed.

In the ordinary room, such as the three rooms and two halls, the sofa bed frame can also be outside the bedside to help the owner to meet the occasional guests to visit.

Choose a suitable sofa bed frame is pay attention to, to meet the sitting and lying two functions, must be durable and beautiful, its material, technology should be guaranteed.

The sofa bed on the market has two fold, three fold of the points, can also be divided into the back of the flattened and pulled by the slide drag and retractable drag. The folding and unwinding process of the sofa bed frame should be easy to handle, and the sofa bed after the stowing is very delicate and not clumsy, generally narrowed by nearly one-half of the area occupied by the bed. Comfort is not the same as a real sofa.