Roof Luggage Rack, You Really Will Use It?

- Aug 14, 2017-

First, a group of figures, China's annual production and sales of SUV models about 4.3 million units, of which the estimated cost of about 50% with luggage racks, that is, there are 2 million per year with luggage rack SUV car, which does not include Those SUV Look models, such as Nissan Li Wei Jin Rui version, Shanghai Volkswagen CROSS POLO such.

With the SUV models of hot, traveling by car hot up, we can often see the installation of the luggage rack and the above camel the size of the luggage car in the Tibetan Sichuan Sichuan speeding. However, as a SUV owner, do you really use the roof racks?

First of all, to figure out your current car luggage rack installation and type

Why should we say this first? Oh, this problem is very critical. If you do not understand, the consequences could be disastrous. Luggage rack, generally refers to the roof luggage rack, as the name suggests can hold luggage, bicycles, surfboards and so on. So this thing is the need to have a certain load and fixed capacity.

Currently there are three types of installation on the market.

The first type: with a strong glue up, common in the low-end SUV or later to install their own, this type is very unreliable, some really nice, but almost no way to fix and load. And because of the regular car wash, wind and sun, glue viscosity decreased, a long time, at high speed, if there are gaps in front of the relative wind speed to a certain extent, this luggage rack will fly out of the roof, like Lee Sword usually in front of the tail behind the vehicle with the front glass, the risk is extremely high. We recommend that you do not choose such luggage racks. Let alone in the above discharge of luggage or bicycles and the like.

The second: late installation, screw fixation. Common in the owner in the franchise store to buy aftermarket boutique or in the auto repair shop to install their own boutique. This type of luggage rack is indeed more solid than the previous one can also have a load. However, because it is not the original factory configuration, reliability and durability can not be compared with the original. It is easy to lead to the roof steel frame rust or leaking into the car. Xiao Bian does not recommend owners of friends to buy and install such luggage racks.

The third: the original standard, screw fixed. Such luggage racks generally through the manufacturers of strict durability and reliability testing, is more reliable products. Sealing is also good, generally do not appear leaking or rusty situation. Xiao Bian suggested that the owners in the election when the best choice of such a class.

In addition, the original standard luggage rack (also known as longitudinal rail), is also divided into three types.