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- Oct 09, 2019-


Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the most fertile area in the north of China! Inner Mongolia, to the west, there is the Alashan League of Ejina flag Hu Yanglin. In the middle of the city is cashmere-rich Ordos and the capital, Hohhot! But we're talking about Hulunbel to the east of Inner Mongolia today!


One of the reasons why Hulunbel prairie is famous is that the grassland struck a "generation of pride" Genghis Khan. Our Bavaria Regent Hotel Hailaer is located in the vast and magnificent Hulunbel prairie in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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Hulunbel Prairie is one of the four grasslands in the world, known as the best grassland in the world!

Bavaria Regent Hotel Hailaer managed by the Bavarian International Hotel Management Group, inherits the German-style service concept. Our hotel, as the first international brand hotel in Hailar District, is built with five-star requirements, inheriting the essence of the German-style concept, bringing a refreshing feeling to our guests, highly personalized service and high-end facilities complement each other to create a unique experience for customers, hospitality and the pursuit of a superior corporate culture.

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Let Hailar Park Hyatt Hotel become a highlight of the city. Hulunbel Prairie different seasons have different scenery, June and July to see flowers, romantic girl feelings of oil. August to see the grass, the curler a busy scene. In September, Hulunbel is really a photographer's paradise. November to see the vast sea of snow. Now has begun to snow, morning and evening temperature difference is big! The beautiful scenery of Hulunbel Prairie gives birth to the unique local customs and customs.


Ethnic minority people's bold, free-spirited character, you enjoy the vast grasslands to return to nature, forget their troubles, do a free herdsman bar. Here, there are not only yurts, lively bonfire party, delicious beef and mutton, the clouds are low to seem within reach, so that you stay away from the hustle and bustle of the earth, in the endless grassland, as free as the wind! So, come here to play, suggest self-drive or car rental travel, dozens of kilometers of grassland, grass and water beauty! Mesmerizing!

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Even at the end of the trip, it's a journey! In addition, the Manchuria Port in Hulunbel is china's largest land port.

Manchuria's famous tourist attractions are: Manchuria National Gate Scenic Area, Manchuria Liseta Square, Sino-Russian Trade and Pedestrian Street and so on Our January Hotel furniture, in order to create Hulunbel fashion four-star hotel, with the hotel to achieve five-star work requirements: spacious rooms, clean, bright lighting, warm service, new facilities. There is an on-site Chinese restaurant with a rich cuisine, a Western restaurant serving global cuisine, and a specialty iron-plate restaurant.

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The hotel has luxurious and spacious, well-equipped meeting and banquet venues, its own lobby lounge, red bar and indoor heated swimming pool, imported fitness equipment, spa health spa, E1 level eco-friendly custom furniture, can be called Hulunbel local five-star hotel service level!

It is an honor: our company January Hotel Furniture Company as the only designated supplier of the hotel, by the luxurious American rooms, and atmospheric lobby lounge area, as well as a calm new Chinese restaurant, different furniture elements, mixed together, high-demand materials, E1-level environmentally friendly paint and substrate, Create hulunbel City, Hailar District, the first international brand five-star praise hotel!

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For domestic and foreign tourists arriving hotel at Hulunbel Prairie, provide homely service! Details: 16 Emin Street, Hellar, Hulunbel.

If you have customized requirements for hotel furniture, please remember to leave a message to consult me. My English name is Family,  and our company address is January Furniture. Before you come to Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, you can send free mail to my private mailbox 2213201287@qq.com.

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