January ,Build Hotel Furniture New Brand

- Dec 21, 2017-

At present, productivity in the international market is already in an oversupplied state. All open market economy countries have entered the buyer's market in varying degrees. The environment and means for market competition have undergone great changes compared with the past. In this new situation, the main means of business success is no longer simply to compete with the product itself, but also the brand competition. Like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and young people are well known, but as the furniture industry to be word of mouth, women and children are sure to build their own brand must be good in order to surprisingly win.


Strengthen the responsibility of the furniture industry


Health, safety, environmental protection, green should be the minimum requirements of consumers, and now due to a large number of non-performing manufacturers produce a large number of products that do not meet the targets, of which formaldehyde, in particular, the most serious, to consumers huge harm. Formaldehyde door incident staged one after another in the consumer's life, the vast number of consumers and even had a panic, deeply feel the invisible "personal attacks." Once again, the furniture industry calls for honesty and health, and the quality control departments will try their best to make up for the deficiencies. Although it is not too late, will consumers be able to reshape their confidence? Quality inspection departments should be well regulated in the production process. Of course, there is not only regulatory issues here, but more importantly, manufacturers can proceed from the overall situation and abandon the mentality of being lucky and pursuing short-term profits. They can really take the long-term interests of the consumers into consideration.


Furniture brand building like people, you need to give him a good childhood education, good environment, good thinking, and patterns, so that he can be adult. Furniture brands must be maintained and shaped, the responsibility of furniture companies urgently need to be strengthened, the furniture brand should first be based on the health and environmental green above.


Furniture design needs innovation


At present, the research and development to the brand's basic did not receive the attention of integration, behind closed doors, very serious use of the furniture design environment really needs more ideal, can persist in the end, there is a certain strength, strength, more customers, industry influence People do, furniture design environment also takes a long time.


The many things that have taken place on this land under our feet are enough proof of the infinite wisdom of the Chinese people. But in developing countries, we still have too much room for improvement. Internationally, our Ming-style furniture has become a symbol of China, many designers can see the elements of Chinese works. But unfortunately, China has no furniture brand that can open the international market up to now. Chinese furniture brand how to create? Why did not build good? We should look at the microscopic more practical, more real furniture sector. The research and development of modern society furniture must also keep pace with the times and seek survival and development in innovation.


Integrity cast brand soul


Honesty is the soul of the brand building. In modern society, businessmen and businessmen, businessmen and customers, expect each other to honor the contract. Honesty is the best means of competition for all kinds of commercial activities, is the soul of the market economy, is a real gold business card entrepreneurs. The ultimate responsibility of the furniture industry is to rely on the business hold up, integrity is the basis for the construction of furniture business culture.


For the integration of branding, R & D team, including the promotion of talent composition, now generally trust the crisis. Look at this year's show, many manufacturers plagiarism, standing in the big brand point of view, there is no plagiarism necessary, the furniture industry should rely on integrity to build their own brand, to avoid plagiarism within the industry, develop their own Featured brand. Here we are the sale of the United States Lele furniture network elephant furniture as an example to illustrate. The material of the elephant furniture uses the honeycomb panel light board as the material of the furniture. Honeycomb light board with natural degradation does not pollute the environment and recycling characteristics. Thus, elephant furniture is a green, energy saving, environmental protection, high-tech new material. Melody furniture sales by the network elephant furniture consumers have called "paper furniture." In this era of promoting low-carbon and environmental protection, the development of elephant furniture innovation, honesty and success, has become a kind of adaptation to the requirements of the development of consumers by the favorite new products.


Industry competition survival of the fittest


Chinese hotel furniture companies must reshuffle. The emergence of the new Labor Law, the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, rising labor costs, and the influx of foreign capital are major leaps in China's furniture industry. This reshuffle is very valuable, and those small, messy and messy furniture companies wash away. In the process, we will escalate quickly, eat or wash out the food through the "wolves really come", the industry model becomes clearer, the importance of talent, the importance of design, and the importance of process re-engineering. January furniture at the forefront of information, predict this situation, coupled with rapid business development, Heshan old factory size, and old production line has not adapted to the existing model, the new production base in January 2017 put into use, comfortable and spacious Office area and dormitory. The increasingly perfect human management company for all staff exposure to the unity and harmony of the extended family will plan for each employee career so that employees a clear understanding of their career space and future. january furniture has been among the ranks of large furniture companies, the future will provide our clients and partners better and better service.


Chinese hotel furniture brand how to create? In fact, you can think of a brand as a strategic priority for your company to open up the market. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's and so on are all first start with the brand strategy, that is, create their own brand-name products, and as a means of exploring the market, and ultimately occupy the market. The integration of distribution channels will catalyze the development of the entire industry and annexate the appropriate monopoly of small factories so as to form an unbreakable whole circulation system