How To Select Right Fabric Sofa For Hotel Bedroom

- Dec 21, 2017-


The building is cold, the furniture is heavy, and the fabric is infused with fresh energy into the room. Whether it is rough, soft, bustling, or elegant, just the right cloth, the dwelling will be very moving.


Select cloth to decorate the bedroom, color and pattern is the primary consideration. There are some basic principles about fabric matching available to follow:

 Choose a shade based on the size of the room, the characteristics of the furniture, the orientation and lighting of the room, and the season. Larger space, the color can be above the three colors, otherwise not more than three. Furniture is simple, the color of fabric decoration may be more, the structural level can be more complex; the other hand, the color should be too much, should not be complicated. If the room most of the time more bright, it should not be too warm, too bright, should be close to the neutral color of light or light warm colors. The rugs in the rooms should be durable, antifouling and even fireproof. As far as possible, do not use light colors or solid colors. Nowadays, the floors of many business hotel rooms are laminated wood flooring, which is both practical and hygienic, and warm and comfortable.


After the hue is selected, the proportions of the used areas of these colors can be assigned from the practical functions and personal preferences, and the appropriate patterns can be selected. Simple, detailed personality, choice of stripes, plaid or floral patterns. The faint background is elegant, the deep background was calm. Romantic gorgeous choice of beautiful flower pattern to match, but remember that the type should not be more. In most cases, it is even more plentiful to combine the strips with floral patterns.