How To Design A Perfect Hotel Bedroom

- Aug 31, 2017-

How to design a perfect hotel bedroom  

-In the eyes of hotel manager.   

As the basic service of the hotel and the main source of hotel revenue, the hotel room design is of great importance.


So how to design a perfect hotel room?


Here, we would rather talk about it from the perspective of the manager of the hotel room.

Instead of from aesthetic principles.


Let's start with corridors.

The corridor of the guest room is best to give the guest a kind of quiet and safe atmosphere. corridors door can be recessed metope, sunken into the place can make reside and sometimes does not block other guests walking by when the guest opens the door, but don't too deep, sunken into the best in the 450 , too deep, if have a guest to go out, other guests will be frightened by a surprising door opening, and lost a sense of security; The light of corridor should not be too bright or dim, soft and no glare will be preferred. It is better to install an inform light on the top of the door frame, and when to open the door it makes the guest feel the service is considerate.


The materials of the floor and carpet of guest room should choose those are easy to maintain and service life. Some new hotels get dirty and old less than half a year, in addition to the cause of cleaning, there is also designer ‘s failure in material selection , tries not to choose the carpet of light color for The hallway of the guest room, but to choose to dirty durable carpet; The height of corridor skirting can be increased to about 200 , lest a luggage cart hit the edge of the wallpaper; Some hotel even equipped with the anti-collision wall board, also play the role of handrail. Thus, it is necessary for avoiding the unintentional damage, as well as provides the convenience for the elderly to walk.


Door peep-hole should not be too high, considering those who not tall and minor's



Room entrance design


The hotel room entrance is usually provided with a wardrobe, wine cabinet , a dressing mirror and so on. The following questions should be noted during design:



1. It is best to use waterproof and anti-dirty stone on the ground. Because some guests will open the bathroom door while taking a shower or wash hands, the water and dirty will splash out or bring by the guest's hair and so on;

2. use good quality of hinges and slider for The wardrobe should to avoid to making any noise

3. Currently, it’s popular to have the sensor lighting inside the wardrobe. but it had better have independent control switch for the wardrobe, otherwise, leave the hidden danger of fire or get an electric shock;

4. The safe box should put where it’s not too high beyond guest reach, and if too lower, the guests have to squat to operate.

5. Don't pier mirrors in the door, because the mirror will increase the weight of the door, and lead to deformation of the door, the dress mirror fix to the outer wall of the bathroom is best;

6. the socket on the minibar for boiling water don't be too close from the table top, the distance of that at least 50 ~ 60 , otherwise, the socket can’t use bcz of the line of boiling water pot is hard cannot bend to plug in

7. The mirror in the back of the cabinet should be used to t fogging prevent because the boiling water will produce fog.

8. The lamp had better choose the energy-saving tube lamp with frosted glass cover, such, won't produce glare.


The design of the hotel room

1. The distance from the bed to bathroom door, at least, shall not be less than 200 , because the waiter needs certain space for operation;

2. Room carpet should be durable anti-fouling and fire proof, do not use light color or solid color, nowadays, compound wood flooring is widely used, both functional and healthy and sweet and comfortable;

3. The horn of guest room furniture is best to be blunt Angle or round Angle, this does not bring harm to the person

4. Curtain rail must be durable, shading should choose thicker, appropriate curtain buckling, and  washable material, instead of dry cleaning fabric, it will save the operating costs,


5. The TV cabinet table top can be rotating because many guests need to adjust the TV Angle when watching TV on the sofa;

 6. The integrated lighting control system of the room is more popular than the previous touch electronic control board.

7. The design of the socket should consider the USB charging of the phone, which is often overlooked by many hotel rooms design.

8. The choice of the bedside lamp should be careful; it should not only be glare-avoiding but also to be durable;

9. Luggage rack design often is not valued, many hotel rooms luggage rack cabinet top is uneven bruised, scratched, if there’s soft layer with thickness of about 50 for the luggage rack stand, it can prevent collision of the top Also collision prevent to the wall should be consider in the design of movable luggage rack.and now Some of the hotel's anti-collision board is 18mm thick glass, both original and personal, and practical;

10. Artwork such as hang picture had better choose original country painting or oil painting,;

11. The arrangement of computer network line should consider thoughtful, the position of its outlet should not be far from the desk, bcz the connection line that drags too long also appears not so elegant view.

Designers are not managers, but learning to analyze problems and understand problems from the perspective of managers can create a hotel guest room that can provide guests with the highest service.