How To Decorate The Hotel Lobby And Bedroom

- Dec 21, 2017-

    The hotel lobby is the first space for guests to enter the hotel, on behalf of the hotel's overall image. As the hotel lobby is an important hub of the hotel, the hotel lobby design is very important, the hotel lobby decoration design to follow the following design principles:

    1, the sense of space designed by the hotel lobby

    The hotel lobby is to give guests the first impression of the place, in the spatial processing should be able to reflect the magnificent, elegant and unique space atmosphere. The best sense of space is the hotel design integration of interior design and interior space, which is the perfect combination of rational and sensual, can do indoor and outdoor space integration, indoor space integration, you can plan the lobby according to the specific circumstances.

    2, the hotel lobby design elements

    The lobby of the hotel is the largest shared space in the hotel. The scattered buildings give a visual beauty. The design elements of light, water and greenery are introduced to the interior so as to perfect the integration of the building with the interior space. Accessories in the hotel decoration design are also very important, accessories are soft design, covering a wide range of various ceramic tiles, decorative surfaces, sculpture, plants, flower arrangements, ceramics and other accessories are in the category of accessories, the appropriate Accessories decoration can give guests a deep impression.

    3, the hotel lobby lighting design

    Hotel lobby lighting design is a professional area, focusing on lighting, indirect lighting, the main light source, secondary light source, adjustable light source, such as warm and cold light. In the different design of different space in the hotel have their own different applications, can create a different interior atmosphere.

    4, the total design of the lobby of the hotel lobby

    The general location of the hotel lobby is not straight to the front door, the designer will be based on the actual situation in the lobby layout, located in the lobby on the right or left. The reception desk is a service window for guests. The rich and diversified background wall design makes the lobby more high-end atmosphere and the seat design is even more humane.

    5, the lobby lounge area

    The lounge area in the hotel lobby is located next to the reception desk to help ease the flow of people in the lobby and embellish the mood of the lobby. Comfortable furniture, dazzling lamps, and human facilities make it easy to enjoy the rest. , To win the favor of the guests.

    Hotel rooms make up the majority of hotel revenue, and many investors are struggling with how to increase occupancy rates and make guests feel at home. Do not think that the hotel room decoration design is just a simple decoration of the ground, carpet, wall wallpaper, bed, furniture, etc., in fact, hotel room decoration is a very deep knowledge, decoration tedious many things, room decoration need to pay attention to many details.loungefurniture.jpg

    Good hotel decoration design is to be comfortable, caring, a comfortable caring environment, to better attract customers and increase the hotel's profitability. Modern style hotel room decoration pursuit of fashion and the trend, attaches great importance to the layout of the room space and the use of the perfect combination of features, simple shape, against the extra decoration, advocating a reasonable decoration design.

    Interior selection of hotel rooms, decorative objects is particularly important. Tones with the floor tiles, murals, and lighting furnishings are the designer's effort. Respect the characteristics of decoration materials, highlight the comfort of room space, in the sense of space to feel like a home away from home to the guests a relaxed mood. Luxury decoration does not represent high grade. In the room decoration design, the use of glass mirror to transform the room space, screen partition design clever bed and hall distinction, make the room full of changes and layers of the sense of space. Room furniture such as tables and chairs do not have too much, the shape of the table and chair also need to consider according to space, such a room decoration to achieve a certain aesthetic effect. Hotel room lighting and ventilation is the hotel decoration design cannot be ignored if the deal will give the guests a dark shadow, feel oppressed. Large floor-to-ceiling glass design can make the light flow freely, increase the permeability of space, it is also a good way to expand the feeling of relief. Interior design hotel room In addition to creating a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere, the noise and energy saving cannot be ignored.

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