How To Choose A Coffee Table

- Aug 14, 2017-

The coffee table has a lot of features that can be placed in books, magazines, drinks and food, and even in the above game. Usually the coffee table will be placed in the middle of the living room, adults will not consciously put their feet up, the child will it as a drawing board. To maintain the integrity of the living room, may wish to pick a coffee table in line with their own home style.

Before buying, you have to carefully measure the size of the living room and the size of the surrounding furniture to ensure the size of the required coffee table. If your living room is large, then you need a large coffee table. In addition, the coffee table can be placed at one end of a bench, the other end can be placed on the two small stool to make up for the blank.

There are children or guests who often entertain guests, and the edge of the coffee table is the best choice to prevent food, snacks, red wine, coffee, etc., scattered on the carpet. And the height of the coffee table is also the best with the surrounding sofa cushions are highly consistent, the height of the coffee table is not higher than the height of the cushion, otherwise it is not easy to take the cup. Usually the height of the coffee table is 60cm.

Cloth coffee table will be the line of sight to the surrounding furniture, where the red cloth coffee table, making the living room stylish and comfortable. Desktop on the white tray, will soften the red rose gives the visual impact. Of course, in the selection of this coffee table, pay attention to the choice of fabric, waterproof, anti-fouling outdoor materials will be more suitable to avoid linen and high content of rayon or viscose fiber fabric to ensure that once the red wine or coffee Pollution, coffee table can also be cleaned.

In the living room to choose such a black soft stool as a coffee table, so that this colorful living room to add a calm temperament. The height of the coffee table and the surrounding sofa, seat seat height consistent, generally about 60cm.

For a living room surrounded by a seat, the round coffee table is the best choice, regardless of primary and secondary, to ensure that any direction can be touched.

Like retro style, you can choose such an antique trolley as a coffee table, to create a deep retro feelings. And when buying, you must pay attention to check the pulley to prevent scratching the floor or carpet.