How To Choose A Bed Frame?

- Aug 14, 2017-

1, row skeleton should not match the spring mattress

Can not ask the spacing between the skeleton and the mattress spring arrangement, the same size, mattress spring can not find the support point, so that the spring sag or stuck in the spacing of the skeleton, resulting in mattress can not support the body, or even shorten the service life. Want to use the skeleton, can be placed in the bed board wood panels, or ribs spacing of not more than 2cm.

2, the election lift bed to pay attention to the quality of pressure bar

The advantage of the lift bed is that the support of the bed frame is better, the storage is more clear, but pay attention to the pressure bar. If the upper mattress is too heavy or high is not easy to use. On the contrary, the bed under the drawer storage space, although more than the lift bed, but convenient for users to take admission.

3, metal bed frame maintenance is not easy

Wrought iron bed slim and changing shape, which was loved, but the winter is relatively cold. In addition, if the bed frame of the poor quality of metal materials, not only easy to rust, with a long time more likely to make noise interference sleep.

4, bed frame shape simple and neat

In addition to the common common wooden bed frame, there are bed frame, but the bed frame will be more than the thickness of the frame, the area occupied by the general bed.

5, four-post bed for large units

Four-column bed elegant and gorgeous, can add the mantle to sleep more space, but because of the larger size, the required space is also high, not suitable for small units or low space.

6, electric bed adjustable mattress bending degree

Electric bed can be adjusted by the remote control of the degree of bending mattress, due to the left and right sides of the mattress separate, the bed of two people will not interfere with each other. However, at present its penetration rate is not high.