What are the sponge classification of the sofa in the lobby?

- Aug 14, 2017-

What are the sponge classification of the sofa in the lobby? Lobby sofa stuffing are basically sponge, the type of sponge is more, different sponge effect is not the same. This article is for this topic for everyone to be introduced, with you to understand the "lobby sofa sponge classification which," following Xiaobian to follow to see it!

Lobby sofa sponge can be divided into four categories: 1, Zhenzhu Mian; 2, Pen Jiaomian; 3, stereotypes cotton; 4,

Zhenzhu Mian, also known as EPE Zhenzhu Mian. Is the use of high-pressure industrial special processing is made of all sponges in the smallest molecular, the highest resilience of a. Zhenzhu Mian with moisture and moisture, toughness, environmental protection, the more with the more fluffy and other characteristics, because the cost is more expensive, so generally used to make pillow like small things.

Pen Jiaomian also known as "space cotton" "vacuum cotton". By the natural cotton fiber, man-made fiber or synthetic fiber by the loose, carding, spray, baking curing processing. Spray glue cotton with fluffy, high resilience of compression, light and warm and other characteristics, so most used to make space suits or quilts sleeping bags and other bedding. Of course, for the lobby of the sofa, the spray rubber is also very suitable for the production of large pillow cushion, sofa fabric and sponge can reduce the friction to increase the sense of comfort, the lobby sofa lines are particularly soft and vivid. Spray glue cotton fiber longer, the better the quality.

Specified cotton shape special sponge, usually a one-time foam to complete, but many manufacturers in order to save costs are made of more than material bonding, so that the use of sponge life and cost are greatly reduced. Most used to make the more common computer chair cushion and lobby sofa, fabric sofa and so on.

Dolls because of the pillow of the sponge need to be particularly soft and comfortable texture are generally selected density of 30 3A filament special grinding doll cotton sponge flexibility and flexibility are good and no smell of environmental protection.