How Hotel Level Defined By Bedroom Sets

- Sep 24, 2017-

How hotel defined by hotel bedroom sets


     The level of the tourist hotel is expressed in terms of the number and color of the star. Star is divided into five grades, namely one star, two stars, three stars, four stars, five stars (including platinum five-star). Minimum for one star, up to five gold stars. The higher the star, the higher the level of the tourist hotel.

    Three-star rooms are generally 18m2, the bathroom is generally 4.5 m2.

    Four-star rooms are generally 20m2, the bathroom is generally 6 m2.

    Five-star rooms are generally 26m2, the bathroom is generally 10 m2. And consider the bathroom partition.

    Fast hotel, also known as the economy hotel, is relative to the traditional full-service hotel and the existence of a hotel format. Foreign economic hotel division mainly to the price as the standard, combined with domestic characteristics, economic hotels can be defined as: to the public sightseeing tourists and small business travelers as the main target to the room as the only product or core products to join Or franchise business model, service standards, cost-effective modern hotel format. In general, the conditions of such a hotel is better, and the price of the room is cheap, but not to participate in the domestic star rating, so-called the economy hotel,

    hotel bedroom sets standard for 13 / sets, including: bed 2 (including the board), bed 2, bedside cabinet or electric control cabinet 1, room table 1, makeup mirror 1, makeup stool 1, TV cabinet 1, luggage cabinet or luggage rack 1, armchair or lap 2, a small coffee table 1. Four-star or higher hotel bedroom sets are generally furnished with a makeup chair. Five-star rooms can be arranged according to the needs of bed stool, sofa and so on. Express hotel bedroom sets stresses a multi-purpose, simple and neat, modern fashion.

    Standard rooms refer to the three-star to the five-star hotel within the double guard room, each hotel double guard room must reach more than 75%. Also known as "double independence standard room".

    Inter-city refers to 4-6 earth (or high and low shop) collective bathroom, usually with television. Standard room and the biggest difference between the economy is whether there is no bathroom.

    Suite or Deluxe Room with the standard room relative to the size of the two sets, three suites, four suites and so on. Outside the bedroom is generally the living room, dining room, writing room, bar, entertainment, etc., there are apartments with kitchen.

    The presidential suite is the name of the hotel that is used to receive luxury rooms such as foreign dignitaries or senior business representatives. The room is comfortable and functional, with central air conditioning, closed circuit and satellite TV, domestic/international direct dial telephone, but also in the room with two main rooms, including bathroom, sitting room, conference room, conference room, Broadband internet access and other entertainment and service facilities.