General Spring Mattresses Choose The Most

- Aug 14, 2017-

This is the most traditional kind of mattress, the structure of the spring, the quality of the filler, the flower pad cover, the thickness of the wire, the number of coils, the height of the single coil, and the way the coil is connected The quality of spring mattress. The greater the number of springs, the greater the affordability. Most of the spring mattresses are made of natural materials that allow them to breathe better and absorb sweat from the night and distribute out during the day. Single-layer spring mattress general thickness of about 27 cm.

Memory cotton mattress good support

By the high density of polyurethane, can be very close to the body, to reduce the role of physical stress. Memory sponge is temperature sensitive and will be adjusted according to body temperature. Neck and waist spine problems people, you can choose this mattress, can bring pressure-free support.

Foam mattress light handling

Foam mattress, also known as sponge mattress, it is very soft and portable light, especially for people who move frequently. The disadvantage is easy to deformation, in the choice of repeated to do the test, not easy to subsidence, and the rebound is a good bubble mattress.

How to maintain a spring bed bed frame

Steps / methods

It is best to change the bed frame at the same time when changing the mattress

A good bed frame (under the pad) and a good mattress is just as important. Its role is like a large vibration absorber, bear a lot of friction and pressure, and it has a great effect on comfort and trust. Do not put a new mattress on the old bed frame. Otherwise it will accelerate the wear of the new mattress, and can not bring better support. So please buy bed mattresses when buying mattresses, these two parts are designed to work together and work together.

Adjustable keel

Adjustable keel has the function of hard and soft adjustment in different areas and the function of segment or automatic adjustment of body pressure, can give the body the best support. Like bedtime reading or people who need long bed rest should choose this bed frame, can provide support according to different positions. Point-like adjustment can be based on the shape of each person to adjust the curvature of the keel, so as to ensure that the whole body is well supported.

Row skeleton or spring bed frame

A mattress in the row of skeleton life is generally 8-10 years, and in the spring bed frame can be up to 10-15 years. The skeleton is harder than the spring bed frame and provides better support. The skeleton is more suitable for the alternative style of modern simple bed and frame combination, while the spring bed frame is suitable for American and classical style bed.

Do not fold the spring mattress

In general, the mattress should be moved by two people. Keep the mattress in the same level during transport, which will facilitate handling and reduce damage. Excessive bending can damage the internal spring system. In the door when the corner can be slightly bent mattress, rather than excessive folding. Be careful not to bend the four corners of the mattress when you are sheets.

Effectively keep clean

Get up in the morning and lift up the sheets for hours, so that the mattresses breathe fully. Use a soft brush to gently sweep the mattress around to remove the floating soil. It is best not to use a vacuum cleaner, mattress dust inside the general can not penetrate the surface liner material was sucked out. The use of mattress protective covers is a simple and effective way to regularly clean the most hygienic.

Regular rollover

It is recommended to change the mattress direction regularly to maintain comfort. The mattress contains multi-layer mattresses to extend comfort and enhance support. For the new mattress often left human indentation, which indicates that the upper cushion in the play with the shape of the comfortable role. To reduce body indentation, occasionally change the mattress placement direction during the mattress life. For the large spring mattress, there are also free flip design, for the thin family, this innovation is very practical.