Elderly Furniture Usher In A New Market Space

- Dec 21, 2017-

According to the report of the China Demographic Association, in the next five years, the population aging in China will speed up. By 2017, the total population of the elderly over the age of 60 will exceed 200 million, accounting for 14.8% of the total population, and will be welcomed by all sectors of economy and society for the first time Aging shock wave. The accelerated aging of the population is a fact that our country has to face. The aging of the population for the entire furniture industry can be said that the market is another new blue ocean, the face of the new blue ocean market, furniture companies and how to make a card.

Product development

As the elderly living habits are different from young people, living in the home much longer than young people, so the use of furniture features more demanding. Furniture enterprises in the elderly furniture product development should focus on product features, such as the massage function of the seats, sofas, bedding with magnetic therapy and so on. In the product design should highlight the elderly furniture products: safety, comfort, lightness, environmental protection, affordable and so on. Although China has the largest market for the elderly in the world and the incomes of the elderly are constantly increasing, our old-age industry has just been developing compared to the developed countries. Due to changes in people's mental and physical age, the elderly furniture product features have formed its own characteristics. Therefore, furniture that truly belongs to the elderly can be designed only by following the principles inherent in it and by combining the forms, structures and functions organically.

Marketing strategy

Elderly people pay attention to the history and enthusiasm of enterprises at home consumption, thoughtful and detailed services. Elderly consumers tend to spend money on better home-building products, and hot-selling luxury upscale loungers is a good example. For the furniture business opened up for the elderly supporting furniture sales market has created favorable conditions. In order to get the good effect of marketing strategy in actual marketing activities, enterprises should make efforts to study the psychology of elderly consumers, adopt marketing methods loved by the elderly consumers, and try their best to meet the psychological needs of the elderly consumers. Therefore, the marketing of the elderly furniture, we must try to make marketing strategies to meet the psychological needs of the elderly consumers.

Channel management

Channel is an important part of business marketing. Good marketing channels will be the embodiment of the core competitiveness of enterprises, the competition of enterprises lies in the construction of marketing channels, and the so-called "appropriate and good" is still the key to the characteristics of the target customers to design. According to the elderly consumers have the habit of spending nearby, enterprises should choose to establish a marketing channel in the relatively concentrated area where elderly consumers live. Channel form can be set up in the mall a certain store, both for the convenience of elderly consumers to buy, but also easy to provide after-sales service.

Brand Building

For the elderly furniture brand building, the use of advertising strategy no doubt. Advertising is the product of the market, opening up the most effective means of sales. The same treatment of this special group of elderly consumers, the development of the elderly furniture market also needs advertising offensive, especially in the elderly significant changes in consumer attitudes, consumer psychology rejuvenation today, advertising plays a decisive role in the successful development of the market. In elderly furniture products, advertising marketing should do these points: 1, advertising production methods should be consistent with the physiological characteristics of the elderly. 2, advertising content should be consistent with the psychology of the elderly. 3, the choice of advertising media should be targeted.