Don't Buy Those Three Kinds Of Furniture

- Dec 21, 2017-

To the cool autumn season, with the arrival of the wedding peak, furniture market warming again, a variety of new furniture dizzying, but many people buy furniture is not satisfactory, some furniture looks good, but its Materials are full of harmful substances, and some furniture to buy a good time, but bought a long time to disperse the frame, how should we buy furniture? What kind of furniture cannot buy it? The following three kinds of furniture are best not to buy.


The first is the price is relatively low, bargaining is particularly easy not to buy.


Other first not to say, Kanjia so easy, think about it for sure there are problems, some of the furniture, the price is particularly cheap, Kanjia even Kan Kan thousands of dollars, in fact, most of this furniture is the use of a large number of quality and low price Material production, often jade, defeat them, consumers should be careful of such seemingly cheap.


The second is a strong smell of the furniture do not buy.


Some furniture, such as cabinets, etc., to open the drawer to buy, open the door smell irritating tears, this situation indicates that the furniture of formaldehyde content seriously exceeded. This furniture is very harmful to the body, generally not recommended to buy. If you buy this kind of furniture because of the conditions, it is best to put it aside for some time to reuse.


The third should be noted that the furniture made of the wood-based panel did not do all the edge processing do not buy.


Where the use of wood-based panels made of furniture parts of the restrictions on the edge processing, especially for furniture with particleboard should require full Edge, which can limit the release of harmful substances in wood-based panels, but many manufacturers in order to save material, are Only partial edge, such furniture is best not to buy.