Differences Between Hotel Furniture And Home Furniture

- Dec 21, 2017-

Differences between hotel furniture and home furniture 

Hotel furniture, hotel project, hotel project design and indoor environment for supporting the design, the need to directly consider the harmony of indoor functions and the environment. In addition, according to the standard requirements of different stars, style requirements vary. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public space furniture, meeting furniture.


Hotel furniture hotel furniture damage than the use of home furniture  to more guests at different levels, the concept of love for furniture is inconsistent, so the material requirements are very different:

 1, the hotel furniture suitable for use with high hardness, wear resistance, good scratch resistance Facing furniture, rooms coffee table, desk, etc., guests tend to be smoking here, carelessness will burn the furniture surface, the design should try to consider the fire performance of the table can be used with fire-resistant finishes or decorative materials Glass; and home furniture generally do not need to consider this. Ring chair fabric to consider fire-retardant, and civilian furniture does not need to consider this. 

2, the hotel furniture, waterproof and moisture-proof performance is better; and most of the hotel's bathroom with the room together, affected by wet towels, steam, seasonal changes, will cause furniture deformation, Edge off, mildew, etc. affect the appearance of furniture, The image of a hotel directly affects the occupancy rate; while the home furniture  is relatively low. Hotel furniture is much more difficult to maintain than the home use because the hotel furniture and bathing area are connected as a whole, it is easier to damp, while the home furniture is different, is their own furniture, family members will be relatively cherished.