Difference Between French And American Hotel Furniture

- Dec 21, 2017-


French furniture, bright colors, bright accessories, and purely natural American furniture is completely different, for different hotel furniture is also required one, the difference between the two in the hotel furniture.


        The United States is a major producer of hotel furniture, but also the largest furniture consumer market. Made from solid wood, cotton, linen and other natural materials makes people seem to return to the embrace of nature, so pay attention to natural comfort, warm and comfortable American furniture began to be more and more people's favorite. American furniture mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Much timber for solid wood Merrill Lynch and more furniture to mahogany, cherry, maple and pine production. It is reported that peach trees, cherry trees are precious timber that can take decades or even hundreds of years to make a success, and maple trees have 40 years of timber. These well-chosen materials set a good foundation for the further styling of furniture, with elaborate finishes and engraving on the furniture surfaces to showcase unique features.

2. The rough style of atmosphere, American furniture, Italian style and French furniture, the style to rough some. Not only in its use of materials but also in the overall feeling it gives to people. In some American classical style furniture, the decorating often take the old treatment, that is, after a few times in the paint, with sharp objects in the furniture surface to form a small pit, and then in the above finishing, up to 12 times.

3. Advocating classical charm American furniture is common in neo-classical style furniture. This style of furniture, design emphasis is placed on elegant carving and comfortable design. While retaining the color and texture of classical furniture, but also pay attention to adapt to the modern living space. In these furniture, we can see the gorgeous maple piping, maple or walnut inlaid lines, twist buckle-like handle and imitate the shape of animal furniture, legs, and other legs shape. Paint a single color-based.

French hotel furniture in color to clean, simple and simple. Love French romantic preference for bright colors, with beige, white, primary colors for the most. So, some people call French furniture "sensual furniture." And the most important thing for a long and civilized nation is to maintain and develop its products rich in national traditions and characteristics in all regions, such as China's Ming and Qing solid wood furniture, which has been loved by hundreds of thousands of years. France's ancient dynasty furniture also with its exquisite workmanship, classic and elegant style, by all countries in the world furniture lovers appreciate.


        French furniture with a rich aristocratic court color, Seiko secret agents, rich in art. French furniture style in chronological order is divided into four categories: Baroque, Rococo, neoclassical and imperial style. Under the main theme of elegant and romantic have their own characteristics. Baroque magnificent gorgeous; Rococo beauty clever soft; neoclassical exquisite elegance; imperial style vigorous majestic. France is a country where life can be understood. Its fashion, perfumes, and cooking are world-famous. French furniture, as a part of the French-style art of living, is no exception. It inherits the unique temperament of the French people - perfection and sensibility.

The rococo style is still the most representative of a French style, known for its smooth lines and aesthetic modeling, has been widely recognized and respected. Rococo style with feminine beauty, the most obvious feature is the bullet-shaped chair legs, you can feel the kind of delicate and elegant, the kind of rhythm into the furniture which beauty. It emphasizes the curve characteristics. Backrest, armrests, legs and picture frames are mostly carved with delicate and elegant, the backrest top beam has exquisite ups and downs of the "C" -shaped and "S" -shaped scroll delicate combination of legs with curved arc and When equipped with animal claws to grab the ball when the chair legs, back beams, and picture frame front beam have shell carved patterns. The complicated design and elaborate make French furniture expensive. However, French furniture still has many fans, because from the French furniture can perceive France's long history of culture.

The acorns of the acorns, the soft, hand-made sheen ... The French country classic series was born in France with the inspiration of the joinery. With a really simple and original taste, from above you can see the traces of history. French rural life is the elegant style of the bustling city and the town of nature. French furniture also with a rich aristocratic court color, rich in art and culture. Emphasize hand-carved and elegant retro style. Such as French mahogany as the main material, the use of exquisite hand-carving, elegant shape and retain the delicate sense of lines, so that the furniture more than a rustic flavor. French classical furniture, seat, and seat back cushion design are woven into a gorgeous damask, to increase comfort when riding. In the furniture, there are a large number of mainly plays a decorative role inlaid, gold-plated and lacquer, the most luxurious and luxurious royal. In addition, many French types of furniture have so-called antique black scratches on their surfaces, which are not a qualitative problem, but are made by furniture makers to imitate ancient furniture, Furniture left a trace of history.

French-style hotel furniture to see the bright appearance to know with American furniture, European furniture is different, it also fully reflects the French people's living habits, gentleman, humility is the French hotel furniture want to express the original intention.