Custom Made Modern Design Hotel Furniture For Chain Brand Hotel -zhonghao Hotel Group

- Jan 10, 2018-

   Founded in 2014, Zhonghao Hotel Group is a hotel rover founded by a group of international and domestic senior hotel elites with an international perspective and a philosophy that represents a new urban lifestyle. It owns three major sub-brands and eight mid-to-high end hotels (under construction and under construction) including S Hotel (Luxury Hotels of Light), City of Dreams (Medium Luxury Hotels) (Light luxury hotel entry, high-end).

   With continuous exploration of the modern lifestyle concept of "luxury" and the new hotel management approach, Zhonghao Hotel Group has gradually built up a series of products and services that are "Boutique, Benefits, Brief, Balmy The '6B Lightweight System' with core values of 'warm service', 'Bright' and 'Bazaar' is designed to provide a more sensational experience and quality to the modern taste. Enjoy life, currently in Shenzhen, represented by the first-tier cities in China set off a "luxury lifestyle," a new wave of becoming a modern city business travel "luxury lifestyle" leader.

   We are fortunate to have in-depth cooperation with China Hao Hotel Group and gain recognition and praise from customers. The following for us to complete some of these projects