Bed Frame Main Material

- Aug 14, 2017-

Bed frame usually refers to the frame of the bed, generally including the end of the bed with the legs of the head, even the feet of the feet of the foot, and the connection side or cross bar. Sometimes the bed frame is also a horizontal or longitudinal support bed structure.

Wooden bed frames are the most common bed frames. Wood has a natural affinity, with a variety of decoration style fusion, and other furniture with easy to produce coordination of the United States. Wooden bed frame comfort in general, not suitable for relying on. Wooden bed frame for the board bed frame, which is the ribbed bed frame, as the name suggests board bed is because there is a gap between the bed board.

Metal frame metal features are rugged. Common metal bed frame with copper and wrought iron two materials, copper bed frame can give people a noble and elegant feeling, wrought iron bed frame can create a romantic atmosphere. Choose metal bed frame must pay attention to with the decoration style with the problem. In general, they can only be with the elegant, retro decoration style and furniture to coordinate. As the metal has a cold, hard features, so the worst comfort, not suitable for people who like to read in bed, watching TV.

Soft package bed frame of the best comfort, the most suitable for people who love bed. The material of the bed is mainly fabric and leather. The choice of fabric is very wide, can be suitable for a variety of decoration style, the disadvantage is relatively easy to dirty.