What is the size of the commonly used Western table and coffee table?

- Aug 14, 2017-

The square table of the restaurant is generally 76cm × 76cm square table and 107cm × 76cm rectangular table, which is commonly used table size, if the chair can be extended into the table even a small corner, you can put a 6-seat table, dining , Just pull out some of the table on it. 76cm table width is the standard size, at least not less than 70cm, otherwise the sitting will be too narrow because of the table and meet each other.

The foot of the table is best to shrink in the middle, if the four feet arranged in the four corners, it is very convenient. The table height is generally 71cm. With a seat height of 41.5cm. The desktop is lower, you can eat on the table when the food to see more clearly. When the corner is not convenient to draw the drawbacks.

Western restaurant table there is a round table, generally more than 4 people use the circular table, diameter 90cm, 120cm two, but if it is placed in the home of the table, you can choose a little larger diameter from Choose 135cm, 150cm, 180cm these sizes of the table, of course, can also be based on the size of the space to properly adjust the size of the table.

Western dining table size of 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, only need to put two meals can be food, if it is a coffee table, then the size will be smaller, because the table does not need to put too much Of the things that are generally a little dessert and drinks, the diameter of 90cm is the most appropriate size, and even some of the size of 60,80 also.

Chair size:

Dining chair is too high or too low, eat will feel uncomfortable, dining chair is too high, will make people back pain, the chair is generally about 41cm is appropriate. Chair seat and back to be flat (even if there is a slope, but also to 2 to 3 degrees for the right), cushion about 20mm thick, even the bottom plate is not more than 25mm thick. Some dining chairs are made of 50mm cushions, there are snake-shaped bow, sit here to eat dinner, than the front of the chair to be comfortable.

(L) square table

760mm x 760mm square table and 1070mm x 760mm rectangular table is a commonly used Western table size. If the chair can be extended into the bottom of the table, even a small corner, you can also put a six-seat table, dining, only need to pull some of the Western table on it. 760mm coffee table width is the standard size, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise, when sitting because the coffee table is too narrow and touch each other. Coffee table feet is best to shrink in the middle, if the four feet arranged in the four corners, it is very convenient. Coffee table height is generally 710mm, with 415mm height of the chair. The desktop is lower, when dining, the coffee table on the food can see more clearly.

(2) round table

If the restaurant furniture is square or rectangular, the round table diameter can be increased from 150mm. In the general small and medium-sized residential, such as the diameter of 1200mm coffee table, often too large, can be customized a diameter of 1140mm round table coffee table, the same can take 8-9 people, but looks more spacious space. If you use more than 900mm diameter coffee table, although you can sit more people, but should not be placed too many fixed chairs. Such as the diameter of 1200mm coffee table, put 8 chairs, it is crowded. Can put 4-6 chairs. In the people for a long time, and then folding chairs, folding chairs can be collected in the storage room.

(3) open and close the table

Opening table, also known as stretch table, can be a 900mm square table or diameter 1050mm round table into 1350-1700mm long table or oval table (with a variety of sizes), it is suitable for small and medium-sized units usually and guests use for hours. This table is popular from the 15th century, has been 500 years of history, is a very popular table. But to pay attention to its mechanical structure, the meeting should be smooth and smooth, when the convergence should be convenient to close. With a round table, you can get a better space adjustment. The use of round table dining, there is a benefit, that is, the number of people have a greater tolerance.