Types of Wooden restaurant table tops

- Oct 19, 2017-

Oak comes with an attractive grain that will come in two types:

European Oak with few if any knots and obtainable in 25mm or 32mm thickness.
Character Oak with an increase of knots and splits which are provided filled for useful reasons. Character Oak is just about 20% more costly and only really obtainable 32mm thick.
Around 20% cheaper than oak, ash is an excellent alternative with great grain detail, but frequently stained (to mimic additional woods) rather than found in its natural condition. Ash is also even more sustainable than oak since it produces a top quality and long lasting timber from fast development.

Inexpensive, but could be unstable and bland in accordance with the alternatives. Youthful beech is also much less steady as ash or various other alternatives.

Robinia and Iroko
Hardwoods ideal for outdoor use, frequently in a slatted type with gaps. Right now also being used even more broadly indoors. (Iroko pictured).

was trusted for outdoor home furniture but Teak trees are actually better guarded so Teak desktops have grown to be rare.

A rich deep brownish, with character, but generally prohibitively expensive.

Reclaimed Timber
typically from scaffolding boards, providing a random mismatch of colors.

Veneered Tops
a veneer is a slim layer of solid wood glued to a cheaper wooden primary. It really is typically half the price of a good wood alternative.
A wide variety of wood-veneers can be found and can become laid at different angles creating interesting patterns or simply straight.

wooden tops usually can be found in the next thicknesses, although additional thicknesses could be supplied. Inside our experience, 32mm may be the ideal thickness for hospitality configurations.

wooden-table-tops-thickness.jpg Laminate Tops
Laminate actually means layered. A laminate is usually a sheet material glued to a cheaper, wooden core. What is apparently a single layer is truly a number of even slimmer layers which one may be the color or design. Laminate tops can be found vast ranges from numerous suppliers. Suppliers consist of Polyrey, Formica & Eegger

The pros and negatives of using laminates & veneers in hospitality furniture
Laminates and veneers have a tendency to provide a smoother finish and so are less inclined to split than wood as they usually do not warp. This also makes them a perfect option for adding metallic edging. Remember that as laminates are stated in sheets you will see size restrictions or becoming a member of lines for huge table tops.

The primary of a laminated or veneered desktop could be MDF (Moderate Density Fiberboard), plywood or chipboard. Chipboard may be the least satisfactory choice, as it’s an unhealthy repair for screws connecting the very best to the base and really should be avoided because of this. It could also be worth taking into consideration dampness resistant MDF for outdoor reasons as MDF will increase when wet; even interior tables are vulnerable to wetness through the edges.

Tabletop Heights
Always consider the full total height of a desk which has to mix the height of the bottom and the thickness of the very best. In extreme conditions, the central underside of wooden tops could be routed to lessen this elevation. See our weblog on table heights to find out more.

There are many methods to finish wood tops; basic seals and lacquers are most well-known, nevertheless, you can also select from more information on unusual finishes. Included in these are distressing, scorching, band-sawing, liming and sand-blasting. Go through our upcoming weblog on table top results for more.

Solid Wood tops could be created to most sizes and shapes and usually does not need complicate edge fine detail, although deeper edges could be added with good impact. WOOD tops typically are 20 to 25mm solid, which can simply be doubled with the addition of a supplementary edge layer dropping listed below.

Table Bases
Solid Wood tops could be suited to most bases, but as much solid wood desktops need reinforcing strips underneath (these could be visible, particularly on smaller sized tables) the base should be regarded as when tops are specified.

Outdoor wooden table tops
Solid wood is a great material for desktops for outdoor make use of - so long as the tops are produced for this make use of, and we suggest slatted tops for outdoor make use of to permit water to drain. Typically, outdoor furniture was frequently manufactured from teak, but that is obtaining harder to responsibly resource and for that reason is going up in cost. Alternatives consist of less-well-known hardwoods such as for example Robina and Iroko. Outdoor wood tops need regular oiling and actually then may weather, generally to a grey color.

Increasingly there are fashionable, top quality alternatives to outdoor wooden desktops.

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