Types of leisure chairs

- Aug 14, 2017-

Types of leisure chairs


There are handrails in the back of the chair, in addition to the chair, the table, the rest are called armchairs. Its style and decoration are simple and complex, and often with the coffee table with a set of four chairs and two placed in the hall on both sides of the Ming Dynasty, for the symmetrical display.

Massage chair

Massage can clear the meridians, so that blood circulation, to maintain the body's yin and yang balance, so massage can feel muscle relaxation, flexible joints, people excited, eliminate fatigue, to maintain good health plays an important role. The principle of massage chair is to imitate the artificial massage, but it is the use of mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to squeeze the message. Massage chair can be based on the body curve along the spine using swing, shiatsu, pinch, push and other massage techniques for deep massage. When people sit in the massage chair to enjoy the fun of the body to relax, as if someone for their Chuibei, rubbing the same shoulder.

Leisure chair features

Swivel chair

The upper part of the style with the general chair is not much difference, but the seat surface with a title "single-legged legs," the shaft part, so when the body can be free to turn around. Swivel chair appeared in the age is not too early, is the early absorption of Chinese furniture, a style of a chair.

Rocking chair

A chair that shakes back and forth. "The story of the African nightclub chiefs": "He and we shook hands and sat on the rocking chair."

Leisure chair features

The above is Xiao Bian for your carefully collected on the leisure chair knowledge. If you want to make leisure chair longer life, we should pay attention to the usual maintenance Oh. Xiao Bian suggested that you use the room to keep the ventilation, to avoid direct sunlight so that the surface of the leisure chair cracks ah. And you can coat the surface of the chair coated with a film, not only can beautify it, but also play a protective role. In the leisure chair around some of the flowers, increase the air humidity, make leisure chair material longer life, can also increase the value of ornamental!

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