Two types of hotel furniture:Loose furniture and fixed furniture

- Dec 26, 2017-

Two types of hotel furniture: Loosen furniture and fixed furniture


Hotel room furniture in accordance with different specifications of the room is divided into standard suite furniture, business suite furniture, presidential suite furniture. Here focuses on the hotel furniture, the most important proportion of hotel room furniture.

loose furniture

Refers to the hotel is not fixed in the wall, the ground removable furniture; that is, our traditional sense of furniture. Generally composed of the following furniture: hotel sets bed, dresser, nightstand, luggage counter, TV cabinet, wardrobe, lounge chair, coffee table and other components. In recent years due to the popularity of LCD TVs, TV cabinets appear in high-end hotel rooms less and less.

Fixed furniture

Refers to the hotel, remove the activities of furniture, all wooden and closely linked with the main building furniture.

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