The size of the interior lounge chair

- Aug 14, 2017-

Indoor leisure chair is focused on leisure, its size is quite loose, such as lazy chairs, is the cloth of the soft plastic ball, shape with the human body to sit and change, there is no strict size. Indoor leisure chair is not designed for sitting, it is mainly used to lie or rely on, so comfortable and important, the size of the indoor leisure chair also around the theme of this issue of comfort. Please describe the size of the indoor leisure chair.

The local shape and scale of the indoor leisure chair have a great influence on the use. The human buttocks muscles are rich and solid, one of the parts of the body can withstand pressure, so comfortable leisure chair should be designed so that the body's focus falls on the buttocks of the bones.

Indoor leisure chair height: leisure chair often used 43cm height, sitting too high so that the legs are vacant, not only the leg muscles under pressure, and the upper leg, lower leg and back flesh were pulled state, it will not take long to fatigue The When the sitting too low to the knee or less than 90 degrees, the human body pressure is too concentrated, abdominal muscle extrusion can not guarantee the waist of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the appropriate position of the muscles, affecting the back muscles, increased back muscle load time, Will cause pain and discomfort lead to fatigue. Adjustable chair is the ideal choice.

Indoor leisure chair width: leisure chair seat width is too narrow, in addition to feel restrained cannot be properly used, the muscles on both sides of the body will have been squeezed feeling; sitting width is too wide, arms must stretch outward, So that the latissimus dorsi and shoulder deltoid muscle-tendon tissue was stretched. Both are prone to fatigue.

Indoor leisure chair back length: If the dynamic range of large, leisure chairs can be no back; and static rest can ask the length of the backrest to support the head. The ideal chair backrest should be adjustable in both the horizontal and vertical directions. The good design is that the backrest of the seat has a spring action that can be moved relative to the movement of the back of the human body. Some of the seats back to support the person's shoulder, with a high height and concave shape, you can give the entire back of the larger area of support.

Indoor leisure chair material: leisure chair too soft too high cushion caused by the body is not easy to balance and stability, but not good. The surface of the chair material should be made of fibrous material, both breathable and reduced body slippage. Do not use plastic surface, plastic surface airtight, the surface is too slippery, people feel uncomfortable. The stability of the body can also be a handrail to help, for the armrest seat, armrest height from the chair surface above 200mm is appropriate, should be able to make the arm naturally hanging height, handrail is too high is the wrong design.

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