The development and trend of boutique hotel

- Dec 22, 2017-

The main types of early appeared boutique hotels in urban boutique hotel, but with the continuous expansion of the connotation of boutique hotels, boutique hotel performance is also more diverse forms, not only frequent in tourist attractions, but also in the historical connotation of thick areas, and more Focus on the combination of urban history, culture and other elements to show some fragment of historical humanism or ideological creativity. Arguably, boutique hotels are a "post five-star hotel" alternative that not only emphasizes a private luxury hotel experience but also emphasizes deep-seated resonance and ongoing appeal. 

First, the status of boutique hotel development

In recent years, boutique hotels mushroomed, there has been a blowout of the market, but the development of good and bad, but no definition of a boutique hotel standards. With the implementation of the hotel star rating standards in 2011, small luxury boutiques can apply directly to assess the five-star rating, boutique hotel has become an important segment of the hotel industry products. At present, in the Chinese hotel market, boutique hotel operating mode mainly in three ways:

     First, the single boutique hotel, which caters to the pursuit of unique and unique personal experience needs, very creative and individual color, so sincere in the This consumer relish, such as Shanghai Xintiandi 88 City Boutique Hotel, Beijing's "modern courtyard" (CtCour), Opposite Hotel. 

     Then there is a group of hotels that specialize in the development and management of boutique hotel products. Representatives are Singapore-based Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts and AMAN, both of which operate in hotel design, Personalized service, and cultural connotation and so on to give customers the most satisfactory stay experience.

    The third is International Hospitality Group. In July 2008, the New York Real Estate News reported that large hotel groups have started to focus on the small boutique hotel market and are investing in this area to host boutique hotel markets such as Marriott's Edition, Hyatt's Adanz, Starwood's W Hotel, Intercontinental Indigo and other international boutique hotel brands, these groups invest in boutique hotels, subverting the concept of small but refined, leading to an increase in the number of single boutique hotel rooms Trend, some boutique hotel rooms have reached more than 1,000 rooms, such as Starwood's W Hotel is typical. 

Throughout these three modes of development, including single boutique hotels the fastest growing, the quality is uneven, and some hotels casually decorated a few pieces of antique furniture or decoration, or through luxury decoration, but the lack of personalized service and with Local culture is out of place, but also lied as a boutique hotel, do not know has lost the connotation of boutique hotels. International Hotel Group in the development of boutique hotel, although the strong financial support, but the main design concept is luxurious fashion, and the lack of integration with local culture elements, in the future development, improper handling is likely to lose the connotation of boutique hotel And become a small high-star hotel, the same with a hotel brand, the same management company, the same design standards, but the quality of service products are very different, especially in China, Hong Kong and Macao service performance with the Mainland can not be compared. Only those hotel groups that specialize in the development and management of boutique hotel products, although the hotel number is small, the hotel scale is developing slowly, but the hotel quality, service experience, and cultural connotation are unparalleled.

 Second, the development trend of boutique hotels 

    1. boutique hotel ratio will gradually rise. Under the state's policy of continuous regulation of real estate, a large number of funds are invested in the real estate market for tourism. Real estate developers are beginning to invest in boutique hotels with the small investment and short payback period. Coupled with the continued growth of boutique hotels by large domestic tourism groups and large foreign hotel groups, Concerned, it is foreseeable that in the next few years, a substantial increase in the number of boutique hotels. 

    2. The cultural industry will be further integrated with the boutique hotel. Under the background of vigorously advocating the development of cultural industries in the country, during the design and development of the boutique hotels, whether it is the transformation of traditional historic buildings or the construction of modern core commercial areas or the combination of traditional and modern styles, Decoration and other aspects, focusing on the introduction of historical and cultural elements or other new cultural elements, commitment to the historical and cultural heritage and development as well as the new culture of light, to create a harmonious style of the charm of buildings and distinctive streets and urban landscape so that customers And residents can better feel the city's cultural charm, and enhance the cultural quality of the entire city construction. 

   3. Industry standards still cannot be unified. The biggest characteristic of the boutique hotel is the original personality, standardized star hotel service system is difficult to import boutique hotel, the specific star rating nor does it apply to boutique hotels, if rigid conditions to evaluate five-star, cannot demonstrate its hotel personality, Is not conducive to the differentiation of the development of the boutique hotel market, so the assessment of boutique hotels will continue to be a worldwide problem. 

    4. boutique hotel will appear own organization alliance. Learn from the common international practice, through the formation of their own marketing network or the establishment of "boutique hotel alliances" to carry out the overall marketing, this marketing is more suitable for boutique hotel personalized and diverse features. 5. The middle class is a potential consumer group. In recent years, the state has vigorously promoted national leisure and tourism, tired of the middle-income nationals of star-rated hotels and chain hotels, and started to pursue more special accommodation experiences with the improvement of national consumption level. The personalized and fashionable boutique hotel just met its needs, At the same time staying boutique hotels can become one of its leisure travel, so boutique hotels in the future development process, in expanding the market due to give consideration to the growing middle class nationals.