Six steps to judge Hotel furniture quality

- Dec 22, 2017-

Customized services in Europe and the United States, Japan has long been popular in recent years, custom hotel furniture is also a breeze in our country. Customized according to the characteristics of the hotel furniture measuring tape production, the ultimate use of space per inch, by consumers. But in the purchase of custom hotel furniture, we must pay attention to the material and technology, etc., the following January furniture to teach you how to judge the quality of custom hotel furniture quality


    A look: the environmental protection of the material

    According to the material to sub-furniture can be divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, fabric furniture, rattan furniture, hotel furniture customization, and even popular paper furniture. No matter what kind of furniture to buy, we must ensure that health and environmental protection. In the purchase of hotel furniture customization, you can view the relevant quality inspection reports, to ensure that their purchase of hotel furniture custom is healthy and environmentally friendly.


    Second smell: odor cannot be stimulated

    The odor is to determine the custom environmental protection of hotel furniture, one of the standards, environmental protection, custom hotel furniture should be no irritating smell, if a smell of furniture, you find the smell to stimulate, be careful to buy. The more irritating the smell, it may be higher levels of formaldehyde. However, there are some hotel furniture, even if the taste is not heavy, the material is still unqualified. Therefore, before buying, be sure to ask the business to produce the relevant environmental certificates.


    Three touches: the surface should be smooth

    If the hotel furniture, custom surface paint, the time of purchase need to touch the hand to see if the paint is smooth, wrinkled, there is no paint off situation. General formal hotel furniture custom manufacturers, in the paint, are done very elegant.


    Four checks: the structure should be strong

    Whether it is buying custom closet, custom TV cabinet, or custom bookcases, all hotel furniture, four legs leveling is a must, but also a prerequisite. When looking at the hotel furniture, you can shake the test furniture stability and firmness. If the furniture shakes or sounds, it is important to note that such furniture may not be solid.


    Five seized: Accessories installation is reasonable

    Custom furniture, door locks, switches, etc. to check the spirit is not working, pay attention to the details of testing, such as the cabinet should be installed three dark hinges, only installed two will not; the three reeling, and some jerry, only one Screw, use will fall, you need to look at the view.


    Six concepts: Edge to be smooth

    Hotel furniture custom edge uneven, indicating the wet material. Edge should be rounded, cannot be straight edge right angle. With the edge of the wood easy to damp or cracked. Triangle board bagged hotel furniture, the package is nail nails, pay attention to whether the nail is smooth, nail eye and the rest of the color is the same. Usually, the pinhole is sealed with putty, pay attention to whether the puff up, such as bulging shows no, slowly putty will fall out from the inside. Whether the edge is smooth is to check a hotel furniture custom factory product quality and service quality standards.