Restaurant and cafe Furniture Style and selection

- Dec 26, 2017-

restaurant and cafe furniture style comes from the European culture and lifestyle, but the most direct is from the European classical architecture. Although the European classical architecture at different times and different styles of regional style vary, but the restaurant and cafe furniture does not need to completely copy the interior of a classical building, so we can design all the European classical architectural style and decorative detail Screening, select the useful part of the decorative design directly applied to the restaurant; also can be European classical architectural elements and composition to simplify and refrain, used in restaurant decoration.

restaurant and cafe furniture in the form and style Western restaurant furniture in addition to the bar counter, mainly dinette. Square or rectangular countertops for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people per table (generally not circular). As the table is often covered with white or pink tablecloths, there is generally not much to do with the form and style of the table, provided it is sufficient for use. Dining chair, the sofa has become the main visual element. Dining chairs and cushions often use the same sofa and the same fabric, such as leather, textiles and so on. Regardless of the complexity of the restaurant decoration, restaurant and cafe furniture chair shape can be relatively simple, as long as the European flavor can be, rarely using a large decorative French complex seat. This sophisticated, classical piece of furniture is often used in luxury lodgings, as in the Shanghainese restaurant.

The other dining table is the most important furniture in restaurant and cafe furniture, dining room is important furniture for guests dining, but we must not underestimate it and free to display. Round table, the first choice for the table. The traditional restaurant table mainly in the shape of a circle, shaped like a full moon, implies a young and old reunion, intimacy, but also means that no identity between the boundaries of each other, to promote family communication and harmonious exchange, gathering popularity, heighten the eating atmosphere . restaurant and cafe furniture oval table. Family members using this table are easy to combine factions or divide to form the forces of competition. Avoid using in big family Square table. The use of such a table, the family members are prone to antagonism, but also the meaning of the heart. And the square table can only accommodate four people, will bring a deserted and loneliness.

Western restaurant furniture in the square table, and more are rich or more families to use, or due to the limited area of the restaurant and use. With this table family, easy to have the distinction between subject and object, that is, the status of a home will be more prominent. In the emotional communication and exchange, will be prone to a state of guidance or order. Polygon or unequilateral dining table. In some special relocation of residential area used, very rare. Families with such shaped tables may have erratic behavior, and everyone in the family will be mixed or disunited, or even have schizophrenia. Wavy dining table. Although the shape does not match the traditional, but there is no sharp corners, can still be used. Sharp angle dining table. In terms of Feng Shui, because acute angle has lethality, should not choose table. Triangle table easily lead to family discord, health damage; diamond table will result in money leaks and so on.

    Table color: restaurant and cafe furniture, the table should choose the color of the more neutral, especially in natural wood, brown and other stable colors is better, the color of life is not bad, can promote appetite; should be avoided too bright, exciting Color, pure black or white table is not appropriate. size. The size of the table should cooperate with the number should not be too large or too small; should also pay attention to the proportion of coordination with the restaurant, not for the pursuit of luxurious style and blindly buy oversized dining table. If the restaurant area is not spacious but placed large dining table, forming a small hall, not only make people inconvenient, but also affect the restaurant feng shui.

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