Maintenance of the wood restaurant chair

- Oct 10, 2017-

Maintenance of the wood restaurant chair

First, understand that regular maintenance on your own chairs is essential to avoid problems before they begin. Convinced that any wood seat will last for the lifespan of a restaurant with no maintenance is a blunder. Next, stay observant every day for anything uncommon about the chair or stools. Anything from stain or end coming off; lacking glides, damaged rungs, cracked chairs; or loose legs ought to be an indicator to get that broken seat out of support for repair.

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Here are some maintenance methods for wood restaurant chair:

Stain missing - Observe any nearby paint store to obtain a contact up pen which fits the chair.  This technique is easy and requires no professional skill to perform.  If the stain offers been chipped,    so that you can complete the procedure at one stage.  In areas, the client does not normally contact, 

Missing glides -  Lacking glides not merely make the chair hard to slide, but may also put excess pressure on the joints of the seat, leading to them to loosen earlier than normal.  Keep twelve or so glides readily available, which may be obtained from the initial chair vendor or an area hardware store.  Many glides are simply fingernails with their heads in plastic material, and so are easy to replace.

Broken legs, stretchers, chair or back rungs - This kind of repair will take glue and a properly sized clamp.  Usually, whenever a break or crack occurs, all the wood remains; therefore all that is required to correct the issue is to place wood glue into the crack,    common wood glues bought at hardware stores could make the break or split actually stronger compared to the surrounding wood.

Loose legs - If the dowels that go into the legs or the chair are loose, try drilling a 1/8” drywall screw through the loose joint. Just change your restaurant seat or barstool ugly, and place the screw in at a 45-degree position to the joint and you’ll be amazed at how limited it becomes.  This technique works better still if the joint is usually loose enough for the dowel to turn out, so glue could be used in the joint before using the drywall screw.

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