Leisure chair with knowledge

- Aug 14, 2017-

Leisure chair style with:

Bamboo and rattan material single sofa chair, gives a cool natural feeling, with the pastoral or Southeast Asian style home is particularly suitable. More suitable for balcony or lounge corner lounge layout.

Cloth single sofa chair, giving a warm and comfortable feeling, more suitable for the bedroom, the study with. At the same time soft fabric sofa, gives an elegant feeling, you can enhance the quality of the room.

Leather single sofa chair, always gives a heavy, noble, calm feeling. With the American style more appropriate. For the atmosphere to create a stable atmosphere of the room, but also can play a very good effect.

Solid wood single sofa chair, more commonly used in outdoor, such as the courtyard, terrace with. Can be used as outdoor cool, enjoy the rest of the main area, so that the owner in their own homes comfortably enjoy the beauty.

Leisure chair with space:

In general, in a more formal occasions, the person's sitting is very straightforward, more people like to sit in front of the chair than the "shallow" location. However, if at home, relax the case may sit deeper, the whole person as if into a chair.

The height of the chair is related to the length of the chair of the chair. In addition to the high chair of the bar chair, the height of the seat of the chair is not too exaggerated, but if there are short stature or young children at home, But also to take it into account.

In addition to the choice of no handrails, backrest stool, but also choose low handrails and low backrest chair, then the occupants of the center of gravity will be placed in the human waist hip; if you like the center of gravity On the back and therefore leaning on the back of the words, you may wish to choose the back of the higher chair, this time also can see whether the height of the back of the back of the neck, sometimes high in the neck near the chair, but let the user habitually neck Department of 90 degrees on the backrest, this way but easily lead to cervical injury.