How to customize Five-star commercial hotel furniture

- Dec 23, 2017-

Five-star commercial hotel furniture customization should pay attention to the formulation of early design and mid-site measurement of dimensions, furniture model once confirmed can mass production, post-installation much more peace of mind. The following information from the star hotel furniture custom manufacturers for everyone to learn :

1. Hotel owners direction five-star hotel furniture manufacturers or hotel furniture design company to communicate, express the intention of custom star hotel furniture, and then pay attention to the hotel manufacturers to send designers to communicate directly with the owners to understand the actual needs of the owners of hotel furniture;

2. Designers led the owners to visit the sample display, inspection of hotel furniture factory production processes and processes, and the exchange of hotel furniture configuration and hotel furniture style;

3. The designer initially come to the field to measure, in order to determine the size and floor area of furniture and layout requirements, which involves a variety of home lighting, curtains, carpets and other soft with;

4. According to the measurement results, draw good hotel furniture drawings or design drawings;

5. Communicate the design plan with the owner and make adjustment;

6.Designer to complete the official design of the hotel furniture after the interview again with the owners and details of adjustments to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of the owners;

7. Hotel furniture manufacturers began the model hotel room furniture production, and maintain the communication with the owners at any time in order to determine the materials, colors, etc., after the completion of the model house furniture installation and invite owners to test;

8. Sample room furniture passed the inspection by the owners and finally confirmed that the hotel furniture manufacturers can mass-produce, follow-up furniture, one-time or in batches for home delivery and installation can be.

The above five-star hotel furniture custom process, the actual operation to the specific situation on the scene.