How to buy hotel lobby sofa?

- Dec 26, 2017-

When we buy a hotel sofa furniture, not only in consideration of aesthetics luxury but to a variety of factors, from the perspective of customers to think about, as a consumer, what kind of hotel furniture environment Is it in line with their needs?


Overall style Hotel sofa hotel furniture to choose to adapt to the environment in which it is to the lobby of the decorative style and other furniture to coordinate. Sofa fabric, patterns, colors often dominate the bedroom style, so the ideal move is to buy a sofa, then buy other furniture.


2. According to the layout of the room. The hall is suitable for large sofas, with coffee table, tall green plants will be more comfortable and style; small rooms should be small and compact sofa, so that the room does not seem crowded, the small room can choose a storage space type of sofa, so that more storage space It is also convenient to pick and place items. If you buy fabric sofa, sofa covers can be changed according to the changing seasons, often new.


3. Comfort. Hotel furniture is a place for people to relax, the sofa seat to be comfortable, sitting and backrest should be ergonomic, to fit the human physiological structure of the surface as well. If the package area is small, you can consider the sofa without armrests.


4. varies from person to person. Purchase should also take into account the durability and safety, to avoid sharp edges and corners highlight the color to lively and fact-based. For middle-aged and elderly people, the height of the sofa should be moderate. If it is too low, it will be inconvenient to get up and take. For the young and middle-aged, the backrest will feel more comfortable. For different consumer groups, sofa size is not the same. Of course, we say their own needs in the purchase, manufacturers will give reasonable advice.

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