hotel furniture design,6 factors you should consider

- Dec 26, 2017-


1, the appearance of quality


The appearance of the quality requirements of furniture, first of all flat, fine workmanship, exquisite decoration, clear and beautiful texture. Room furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, blockboard, laminate and other several as a substrate, the use of veneer, wood veneer, plywood as the cladding material. Different substrate and cladding materials also have different material properties and do not pay attention to the characteristics of the material and the correct method of use, often resulting in warpage of the plate. The United States is the furniture recommendations The back and front of the structural properties of the cladding material must be the same or similar, the substrate moisture content of the general requirements of 6 to 10%, the selection of materials as much as possible with the batch. Minimize the loading time and pressure in the shop floor processing, different material properties, moisture content of different covering materials, pay attention to different glue thickness, press time and pressure.


2, structural strength


Room furniture, mostly fixed furniture, the general structure of the main plate, the choice of wood screws, metal connectors and adhesives as the bonding method. In the use of materials should pay attention to different material characteristics, such as particleboard, MDF nail holding poor, avoid the need for frequent activities or need strong grip nail parts, such as door hinge screw parts, Screw parts, easy to loose sound. Bed screen, metal frame wall pendant parts should pay special attention or use wood instead of reinforcement, the current popular wooden 45-degree upside-down structure.


3, material costs


 Also meet the requirements of the use of low-cost materials, as far as possible in the use of large pieces of surface material at the same time pay attention to the use of the same kind of small pieces of materials, and comprehensively improve the utilization of sheet metal. Room furniture, in general, a large number, as far as possible the use of computer reasonable nesting, bulk materials and small materials comprehensive utilization, reduce material costs. Different structures, pay attention to the material cost comparison.


4, efficient production


 The same material costs, the kind of material is easy to process, the kind of process can save the cost of the process to improve efficiency, especially in the end milling, engraving and milling, engraving process, the kind of material is easy machining and cutting, easy to smooth and clean.


5, transport and installation


 Hotel floors generally higher, requiring lightweight furniture for transport. In particular, some Siamese bed back, some longer desk, the elevator can not transport, freight elevators are generally installed in the furniture has been demolished, how to transport safely, from the material weight and structure to be special consideration.


6, safety performance


 General hotel does not specify the amount of formaldehyde-free, but there are furniture fire safety requirements in the case of certain parts of the hotel can use fire board, anti-scald paint, fire-retardant fabrics. Upscale hotels even require furniture made of wood after fire treatment.


 The above factors in the practical application of the need to take into account the cross-application, the functional requirements of the hotel furniture modeling details and hotel furniture company reasonable material structure and workshop process arrangement has an interactive relationship between Beijing and Jun Xin Furniture recommended to try to make the production of rooms Furniture meets the hotel requirements, but also efficient production, reduce costs, the use of specialized processing technology, processing equipment, furniture production to meet the high-end hotel people-oriented comfort requirements.

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