characteristics of Reliable commercial hotel furniture

- Dec 22, 2017-

Reliable commercial hotel furniture has the following characteristics

    The first one: pay attention to the structure of the hotel furniture framework is mortise and groove, whether the glue close together.

    Pay special attention to whether there is broken mortise, broken material phenomenon For the hidden drawer inside, but also to check the drawer structure with or without mortise groove, mortise is sizing, drawer help and plug whether the useful nail connection phenomenon, to buy the sofa before From the sofa to observe the bottom, if the frame only nail structure, do not open mortise, no sizing, over time, will be loose deformation.

    The second: leather texture leather surface is not suitable feeling

    Either thin and soft wet, or thick hard and dry, low gloss: cortical sofa delicate and flexible, good hand performance, look at the dermatoglyphic trend, high gloss. Buy solid wood furniture, wood can not only look at the surface, be careful of the veneer furniture, during the meantime, as long as you observe carefully, from the edge of the fit corner or back of the contrast and the bottom line, you can find the clues to the veneer.

    Third: fine workmanship

    Such as the purchase of a sofa mattress, the first observation of the appearance of the quality is pleasant; followed by inspection of the outer edge of straight floss floss degree of the situation, whether there is a jumper; again, look inside the cover used, is not using the old fabric And dirty leather.

    Fourth: identify cut corners

    For example, some hotel furniture with medium density slats, particle board to do the load-bearing parts. Some hotel furniture, behind the mirror, do not have to wear baffles and battens, only nails do tricks, it is not strong.

    Fifth: through the touch

    Check the hotel furniture inside the wood dry degree. To identify the level of wood moisture content. Notes Wood without drying, high moisture content, furniture easily deformed, aliasing.

    Sixth: study furniture materials

    Furniture surface materials generally require the use of hardwood materials, such as ash, oak wood, etc. These wood relatively strong, can load-bearing, and internal materials can be considered with other materials. If the wood is found to have pests and drops, it shows that the wood is not thoroughly dried and the furniture cannot be bought because the insects will grow bigger and bigger. After checking the surface, you should also open the home cabinet and drawer doors, look inside the material there is no decadent situation.

    Seventh: the structure is solid

    For the desk, desk and other furniture can be handshake, look at instability. For the sofa, sitting, sitting around, shaking, not active, not soft, no sound, indicating the mortise structure more solid.

    Eighth: four feet is smooth

    Furniture is the formation of four legs, the furniture on the ground shake a flash will know. Some furniture landing only three legs, the stability is certainly not good. Also look at the desktop is straight, can not bow or collapse, if the desktop raised, put the glass will spin; if the desktop concave into, the glass put a pressure on the broken. In addition, we must also pay attention to check the door, drawer slit cannot be too large, pay attention to horizontal and vertical, the door can not sag.

    Ninth: paint is smooth

    Furniture parts of the paint to be smooth, smooth, not flowing spit, no wrinkles, no pimples. Corner part of the straight edge cannot be straight, because of the straight edge at the collapse of slag, paint off.