Bathroom cabinet cleaning common sense

- Aug 14, 2017-

1. Bathroom cabinet just bought over, the handling must be careful, ceramic pots are fragile, gently lift, can not pull hard, put the bathroom cabinet, the ground should also be flat, if it is floor cabinet, level.

2. Can not put the bathroom cabinet in the hot sun exposure, it is best to place in a ventilated place, can not put a very dry place.

3. If you do not care in the bathroom smoking to burn the paint, you can get a toothpick, and then wrapped a layer of cloth, slowly scrub marks, you can get some thin vinegar, you can get rid of.

4. If you get some white hot marks on the bathroom cabinet, try using the alcohol, toilet water, or kerosene.

5. If there is water stains, cloth wet, covered in the bathroom cabinet above, you can use electric iron bucket in the wet cloth, stains can disappear immediately

6. If the bathroom cabinet paint accidentally scratched, and did not hurt to the cabinet, you can use the same color crayons or pigments, in the bathroom cabinet surface coating repair, and then can be painted in the above nail polish.

7. When necessary, use cloth for the bathroom cabinet to rub dust, remember to spray the cloth on the cloth cleaning agent.

8. Also often waxing, every 6 months or so, waxing for the bathroom cabinet

9. Daily cleaning of the bathroom cabinet is very simple, ceramic pots can be washed with water and cleaning agents, soapy water, etc.

10. Bathroom cabinet if the ceramic basin scratches, you can apply some toothpaste, and then repeatedly erase cloth, then waxing, you can make the bathroom cabinet to restore the original look.