5 tips in buying Quality hotel lobby sofa

- Sep 25, 2017-

5 tips for buying Quality leather hotel lobby sofa 

    First, identify the leather 

    leather hotel lobby sofa is noble, the most important thing is the use of leather. A good leather hotel lobby sofa almost uses ten cattle cowhide, coupled with cumbersome and meticulous craftsmanship, superb design, and highlight the taste. Therefore, the upholstery of true and false, good or bad is to determine the quality of leather hotel sofa.

    Identification of leather and man-made materials, look at the appearance of leather base, artificial materials have a base. And then hand touch, the man-made material is very strong sense of plastic, shiny bright, a touch of cold feeling, leather smooth touch no cool feeling. With the thumb thicker part of the finished product, in the thumb around the leather will appear many broken small, uniform pattern, the thumb opened, the pattern disappears; and man-made materials may not pattern, may also appear coarse lines, thumb lift, pattern does not disappear, Indicating that the surface layer of the material and the underlying mesh layer has been disengaged. The third observation section, dermal section is irregular fiber composition, scraping the skin with his fingernails after the broken fiber, no significant changes in the section, for the leather, different parts of the texture irregular, nasal smell smell, and artificial leather smell of plastic Or rubber taste, the texture of the various parts of the same rules.

    Second, look at the leather hotel lobby sofa skeleton

    Sofa skeleton strong or not directly related to the sofa life and quality assurance. A good set of couples must be square knotted into a frame, the side is fixed with a plate. Of course, the wooden frame hidden inside the sofa cannot get to see, we can hold the sofa feel the weight of the sofa, if it is with the packaging board, plywood into the sofa lightweight, solid wood is relatively heavy, you can sit Shaking on the sofa, feeling the firmness. Check the sofa skeleton of the specific method is to lift one of the three sofas, pay attention to when the lift from the ground 10cm, the other end of the leg is from the ground, only the other side from the ground, check to be considered through.

    Third, look at the filler of leather hotel lobby sofa 

    The filling of the sofa is mainly sponge, sponge sort by elastic have sub-high bombs, high-elastic super-soft and medium-soft sponge generally do back and armrest part, high elasticity, and high elasticity soft sponge do seat part. Need to sit down and feel the comfort. At the same time, you can hand to the sofa armrest and back, if you can clearly feel the presence of wood, then prove that the set of sofa filling density is not high, flexibility is not good enough. Easy to be pressed to the sofa wooden frame will also accelerate the wear of the sofa jacket, reducing the life of the sofa.

    Fourth, check the resilience of the leather hotel lobby sofa 

    The specific method is to let the body was free to fall on the sofa, the body at least the sofa cushion bounce more than 2 times in order to ensure that this set of sofa elasticity is good, and the service life will be longer.

    Five, see the details of leather hotel lobby sofa 

    A set of sofa quality is good or bad, it is easy to reflect from the details. Whether the work fine, reflecting the sofa manufacturers of quality management awareness and level. You can open the matching pillow of the zipper, observe and touch the inside of the lining and fillers; lift the sofa to see whether the bottom of the handle, the sofa legs are straight, smooth surface treatment, legs at the bottom of whether there is anti-skid pad. Good sofa, its quality of details also keep fine.


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