5 reasons to buy contract furniture in foshan

- Sep 17, 2017-

The contract furniture industry is a labour-intensive sector dominated by small and medium-sized companies. China furniture manufacturers have a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation.

Furniture for the contract market is generally made to order rather than supplied from limited

stocked ranges as in is the case for retailers. This is because customers require wide choices of design and finish, too much for suppliers to stock. As a result, furniture is largely manufactured in Foshan, China, where lead times can be kept manageable.1111.jpg

Contract furniture tends to be manufactured in the Far East, largely due to the solutions of

managing supply chain and the lengthy lead-time –typically 4-8 weeks. Much Far Eastern furniture is, in addition, ‘KD’(Knockdown–assembled on arrival), which is suitable for contract use.

Furniture is manufactured in most European countries previously, with the biggest concentration of factories in northeast Italy. In the second half of the 20th Century, Italy manufactured one-quarter of the world’s dining chairs, based on extensive beech forests.




A small ‘rump’ of manufacturing remains, some around the once-dominant area of which

also had large forests.This mainly serves the domestic market.

Budget furniture is largely manufactured in countries with low labour costs–china, the pearl delta area, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen

Countries with higher labour costs sell furniture of better quality and better design, differentiating away from low-cost competition Plastic chairs, which require expensive moulds to create, are made in wealthier areas, particularly Zhejiang.

Bespoke wooden furniture, which requires significant amounts of labour, is also largely made in

countries with low labour costs.

Larger upholstered furniture is relatively more expensive to transport, so has been manufactured closer to its marketplace.

Bespoke metal furniture (or parts of furniture) is made in the FOSHAN, partly as a result of metalworking skills learnt when we had a more substantial manufacturing sector.

Wooden table tops, fairly simple, but heavy and so expensive to make, are also manufactured in the


As one of the Foshan's leading providers in the contract market, we choose our suppliers both by our own research and by reacting to customer requirements.

At JANUARY FURNITURE we aim to assist in providing knowledge and using that knowledge to assist designers, architects and end users in making the best possible choice in furniture.