10 interior design will greatly increase the Profits of Your Hotel

- Dec 30, 2017-

Let's say you currently own your hotel, maybe for a couple of years, and space is merely getting exhausted. The last refurbishment was quite some years ago now and it's really time you committed to the area before it's too past due. Therefore, where do you start? You have some notion of time and spending budget but with so very much to accomplish it seems as an uphill struggle. Some hoteliers just like the challenge and like to go face to face with the beast, but they are few in number and most choose to employ a designer. Therefore, who do you search for and what can they perform for you personally that you couldn't perform yourself? Well, to begin with, it's not at all a 'Changing Rooms' kind of designer you want, it's a commercially qualified, spatially aware specific or company which has experience in dealing with contractors, architects, and amount surveyors. It's not only about making a location look good, the developer should be able to use your spending budget and timeframe, offer useful budge driven solutions, and also have a good working understanding of current Health insurance and Safety and BS problems.

So, you have decided to employ the look company, one of the most crucial things that they need to understand (which is quite frequently overlooked) is your profits on return. You haven't attended all this trouble just have a location that looks great. Yes, it offers to look good to obtain the press and PR machine attempting to get the clients in, but that is just the start of the process. Similarly, the area must be carefully considered to function alongside your business design, i.e. the right lighting specified in reducing power costs, contract home furniture specified that may survive before next refurb, right space planning, specifically of the general public spaces, etc.

So how is it possible to boost the profits of your hotel through design? Beneath is a straightforward bullet set of key pointers about how to do this... (there are numerous more but these are really key). The following tips are targeted at hotel refurbishments but could be put on new build spaces as well.

1.Hire a commercially trained interior developer, consultant, or company.

2.Stage your work. If you cannot afford to refurbish the whole space, stage the procedure. What areas will be the most profitable.. cafe, bedrooms, bar.. and appearance at treating those, to begin with.

3.Brand. Many hotels, actually the newer ones, possess a dated brand identification. The brand informs the inside and vice versa. Without a strong brand existence, your hotel will put in obscurity, especially in the current design fueled market.

4.Space planning. An excellent space plan is paramount to the achievement of any space. A cafe can re-planned to raise the number of covers, even more, seating can be produced in a bar region with the clever utilization of space. This is overlooked and is essential. Bums on chairs equal profits!

5.Attention to detail. Essential. You have developed a cautiously designed space that appears great and many people are talking about, pOS, promotional components, staff uniforms, and the others have all surely got to be considered for the refurb.

6.An excellent lighting scheme. Replacement of these horrible old halogen fixtures for new LED models is a long-term investment however they are practical, zero-maintenance, better for the surroundings and create a good light source....not forgetting slashing your electricity usage!

7.Bar. an area that people want to visit and have a glass or two, even if they're not hotel guests. Therefore you can boost your prices without leading to offense.

8.Embrace technologies. Free usage of WiFi internet, internet Television, new sound systems. 

9.Make sure they are set up and working - way too many hotels still don't have even a good WiFi connection in 2017!!

10.Try to re-use everything you have. You would be surprised how a little of timber cladding and cup can transform your aged bar! However, this just works in some instances and sometimes could be cheaper to simply rip it out and begin afresh, it all depends on the what's there currently.
If your developer is specifying points which are very costly for your spending budget - sack them!
So, key pointers to improve your hotel's earnings through commercial design.

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